Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some Random Pictures

  Ok, so rather than create a super-long post with updates about everything we've been up to for the last several months, I'm just going to share some pictures and comments.  (Here's hoping it's at least a little bit shorter...:)
I took this on a short trip we took to San Diego.  I absolutely love this temple, and it was fun to get different viewpoints of the spires and facade.

This is the USS Midway, which is just off the coast in San Diego Harbor.  I really liked the big statue that commemorated the famous picture from the celebration that WWII was over.

Mary's 5th birthday cake was covered in Mario character figurines.  She's the only girl I know who will turn down a princess movie for a good Wii game if Luigi is in it.  (She was him for Halloween while in preschool.:)
Just before running a race at Thanksgiving Point.  My kids did so great!  Each of them placed in the top ten of their age group, and Savannah and Isaiah were high enough to even get trophies!  Way to go, guys!

Preschool graduation with Teacher Nisha.  The frog Mary's holding was their class pet for the year, Frederick.  There was a raffle at graduation, and she won!  Needless to say, he's taken up residence on her bed.
Savannah had just finished her gymnastics exhibition and is holding a trophy her grandparents gave her.  She did a fantastic job, too.:)

Is this not the cutest costume for a ballet recital you've ever seen?  Mary even got to dance with her ballerina teddy bear.  So sweet!

During the summer, the kids decided to do a show for me and their dad, complete with skits, songs, and dancing.  This is during one of the skits (that's a cash register in Isaiah's lap), and I just love that smirk on his face.  They were so excited!

So I found a video online for how to create beachy waves in your hair by twisting it up overnight.  Apparently, I did something wrong when I tried it on Savannah...good thing we had time to do her hair normally before church.:)

Isaiah has gotten to the point where he adores baseball.  He even asked for a new bat this Christmas, despite the fact that he can't really use it until Spring.  We sure love watching him, so here's hoping that continues.

Isaiah's also been obsessed with Pokemon this past year.  I loved making this cake for his birthday because it was relatively simple, but turned out fantastically.  Thanks again Shari for showing me how to use food coloring to make it rainbow colored on the inside, too.:)

Mary's first day of Kindergarten!  What a big girl!  (And for those of you who are wondering, I did get a little misty about my youngest being so big.  Just a little though.:)

Visiting the witches at Gardener Village with cousin Max.  It's a tradition of ours to go see them every year, and we love it!
This is another witch from Gardner Village that we loved.  She's holding an "eye-phone", trying to get reception up on the roof.:)

This is Savannah's very first piano recital, in which she played fantastically with our neighbor.  She also participated in an ensemble festival and technic exam, and did great in both.  Way to go!

Mary absolutely loved her first year of soccer and all the running around she got to do in her favorite purple shorts.  (It may have helped a little bit that her dad was the assistant coach.:)

Isaiah also got the chance to try out flag football this year, and totally LOVED it!  (So did his mom.  This is a great alternative to seeing your kid get tackled and worrying about injuries.:)
This is from Isaiah's Halloween program.  I love how much this kid adores singing.  (He certainly seems more enthused than whoever he's sitting next to.:)
Savannah did a great job in her program for Veteran's Day/Voting.  The funny thing was that even though she's one of the smallest in her grade, because she had a speaking part, she ended up on the back row.  Every time they stood up to sing, she just disappeared...:)
Jason and I were lucky enough to be able to attend our neighborhood "Prom" again this year.  This time it was a 1940s theme.  So fun!
Ok, being a Disney nut myself, how can I help but love this picture?  My own little princess must have taken a bite of that poisoned apple, because she's fast asleep...even with Mickey and Minne standing guard.:) 
   Well, that's some of what we've been up to, but there's so much more.  Now if only I can find the pictures...:)