Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Does Life Ever Calm Down?

  You know how life gets so busy and you keep thinking that you'll have time to get around to things when it calms down?  Well, what happens if things don't calm down?:)  I think that's been the story for the Greenwoods the past few months.  At first I thought summer would be relaxing.  But then my husband was working out of town for most of it and I had to think of stuff for the kids to do all day so they didn't notice.  Then I thought things would be calmer when the kids went back to school.  But I forgot about all the homework and projects and me becoming the family taxi driver.  Then I figured that the holidays would be busy, but at least lots of fun.  You'd think I'd remember how crazy everything was last year...Oh, well.  At least I've updated the blog enough so that it doesn't look like it's the middle of summer anymore.  Maybe someday soon I'll get around to doing something like posting pictures.:)