Monday, May 14, 2012

Yes, I'm Still Here

   No, I haven't dropped off the face of the planet.  Although sometimes I almost wish I would...:)  Life has been absolutely crazy these last few months!  I always thought I was organized before, but I've had to become ridiculously organized and set my priorities straight.  Trying to get my brain to remember how to do schoolwork hasn't been a picnic, but it has been going pretty well.  Thank heavens I made it through my first semester!  And I'm proud to say that I acutally did quite well, thanks in no small part to my fabulous husband and children for helping me through.  (There's nothing like a hug from your children or an encouraging word from your husband to boost your confindence levels.:)  I actually made it through college level algebra and health.  Now onto biology...:) 
  Everything is pretty fantastic, all things considered.  Aside from some minor viruses, everyone is healthy and strong, and the kids are as busy as ever.  Savannah started taking piano lessons and is doing a fabulous job!  It's so much fun for me to watch her try and remember what her teacher said and how she is suppossed to do things.  She even gets up at 6:30 every morning in order to read her scriptures and get her practicing in before school!  (That's my girl!:)  Isaiah has been loving baseball again this year, and is extra excited because his dad is his coach.  (Jason does a great job, by the way.)  He has so much energy that running after the ball just comes naturally to him.  His swing is getting more power behind it too.:)  Mary has been absolutely loving learning to read, and she graduates from preschool this week!  How crazy is that?  When did my kids get so grown up?  (Maybe it has something to do with their mom reaching her 30s...:)
  Jason's work has been going well, too.  I admire that man so much.  I don't know that I could handle working outside every day, no matter what the weather holds for you.  Yet he does it without complaint.  We're now reaching the part of the year where he gets LOTS of sun, but that doesn't even faze him.  (It just creates an interesting tan line.:)  And through it all, he still finds the time and energy to support his wife with her schooling and spend time with each of the kids.  He's the best ever!  He also decided to surprise me this year and combine my birthday and Mother's Day gifts by taking me to Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake in a couple of weeks.  I am ridiculously excited!!!!
  Here's hoping the coming months are every bit as much crazy fun!

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