Monday, October 19, 2009

It's a Small World...:)

So yesterday, I met a friend of a friend of mine who moved into our ward. I recognized her last name, but I didn't ask if she was related to who I knew. (I figured the chances were pretty slim.) Then I was walking down the hall of church with my kids, and I saw someone who looked familiar. It turns out that the new friend I met is married to an old friend of mine from middle school, and they moved in just a few houses down the street. To top it all off, after we were laughing and hugging each other, I found out that my husband Jason knows the wife's older brother. (They went to high school together.) What are the chances? Go figure!:)

What a Week!

Wow! This past week has been really crazy, thanks to my performing in 2 different shows. There were lots of rehersals and practices to go to, as well as running up to Salt Lake a number of times. Thankfully, everything turned out WONDERFULLY. The Choral Arts Society of Utah concert up Downtown was completely sold out, and we got to perform with the awesome Crescent Super Band. (It's a jazz band of absolutely amazing high school kids from all over the state.:) All of the music was from the 30's and 40's, and what a blast! And after all that, I got to be part of our stake's very first roadshow. Our ward did an amazing job, and it was very entertaining. (It was a spoof of American Idol, but with foods. I got to be the Chiquita banana.:) I have had an absolutely fabulous time with everything, but at the same time, I am super glad that all of the rehersals are over now. I get to spend more time with my husband and kids. YAY!:)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Have the Best Kids EVER!

I just wanted to quickly share an absolutely adorable moment with you all. Savannah and I were at the store recently, picking out a card for Jason's & my anniversary on the 11th. (It's already #7!) As we were looking through the selection, she got a concerned expression on her face, and our conversation went something like this:
"Mommy, what's an anniversary?"
"It's like the birthday of when Daddy and I got married."

"So you're getting a card for Daddy?"
"Yes, sweetie."
"But I don't have a card to give you guys."
"Well honey, you don't really need to give us one, but if you want, you could always make one."
"Okay, but I'd need your help and that won't work because I need to surprise you."
At this point, I leaned over and gave Savannah a big hug and told her that we would figure it all out. I thought it was sweet that she wanted to do anything for us in the first place.
Then this morning I awoke to the sounds of little feet and a few giggles. "I'm getting a piece of paper from the computer, okay Mommy?" Still half asleep, I just sounded my consent. Then I heard Isaiah. "Mommy! Daddy! Come downstairs so we can surprise you!" Jason and I just looked at each other, smiled, and trotted downstairs. All 3 of my adorable children were waiting to yell "Surprise!" The came running with hand-made cards AND envelopes, complete with drawn stamps. There were lots of hearts and stick figure drawings of Mommy and Daddy. Needless to say, I just hugged everyone as I began to cry. And if that wasn't enough, Savannah has been giving me more cards all day today. (I think the total is at 3 or 4 now.) I can't believe how adorable they all are, and what makes it even better is that they did it all by themselves. My kids are the greatest!:)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Technology Woes

Have you ever felt like it's just not your day when it comes to modern technology? It's been one of those for me. I used our video camera to record roadshow practice last night, and for some reason, the camera created a duplicate copy. So, naturally I checked to make sure what was on each one. Both of them were working just fine, so I deleted one. But when I went to upload the footage to my computer, the recording that was left would only run for about 5 seconds. All I got to see was our announcer standing in front of the curtain with a microphone. (That's some riveting footage, let me tell you.:) And if that wasn't bad enough, while I was trying to fix some of the images on the blog, my computer decided to keep opening webpage after webpage for no apparent reason, and I COULD NOT GET IT TO STOP. Whenever I closed the window, it would open another one. If I stopped the Internet Explorer program all together, it would just start again. I even tried putting my computer in hibernation mode for a few hours. NOTHING WORKED. I finally had to let it just keep opening webpage windows until it could hold no more, and close them all out individually. (We're talking around 50 windows here.) Needless to say, I'm just glad today is over. Maybe I'll have better luck with our friend technology tomorrow...:)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Fieldtrip, Part 2

So Savannah came home from her fieldtrip just fine, and she had a wonderful time. I was just being a silly mom and worrying for no reason. Oh, well. I'm sure there will be lots of moments like that in her lifetime, not to mention I've still got Isaiah and Mary to worry about. Ah, the joys of motherhood.:)

Savannah's Field Trip

Savannah just left on her very first field trip on a school bus. She is SO excited! The entire morning kindergarten at her school is going to Discovery Gateway. She's been there before and knows what to expect, which only adds to how revved up she is.:) I'm not sure why, but I'm having a little bit of a hard time with it. I was okay when she started going to kindergarten, (I was just really excited for her,) so I don't really understand why this is such a big deal for me. Maybe it has something to do with her having to get on and off the bus and not get lost. I don't know. I'll just be glad when she's home safe and sound this afternoon and I can hear all about what she did.:)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Pajamas

My kids all got matching pjs for a family trip we took up to Idaho, and they kept asking me to take their picture. (Their cousin has Thomas the Train ones, too.) You've got to admit, they're pretty darn cute!

My Loving Husband

Jason was looking at the blog and commented that there weren't any pictures of him on it, so I found this one on our computer. This is for you, honey!:)

Michelle's Little Game

So, I saw Michelle's little game on her blog about the little unimportant things that you love, and I thought it was a great idea! I tag anyone who reads this post, since I'm not sure how many of you even have blogs.:) Anyway, here goes:

1. I absolutely love to watch BYU football with my kids. Jason and I are doing our best to teach them about the game, and all 3 of them get SO excited when a touchdown is scored. It's the greatest to watch them jump up and down with their hands in the air and screaming at the top of their lungs.:)

2. I really enjoy the show Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. I'm not really sure why I find it so entertaining, but it's really fun when someone asks you a question about an urban legend or something and you can give them a difinitive answer. (Like how you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.:)

3. I love listening to the sound of a storm outside when I'm safe inside. Where we live there's quite a bit of wind around, and I like to listen to the whistling sound it makes. It's also great when my kids ask, "Mommy, what's that noise?"

4. Music always makes me smile. It doesn't matter if it's something I'm singing or playing, if my radio is on, or my kids are playing marching band. It never ceases to bring a grin to my lips.

5. I LOVE to look pretty. I know this might sound funny coming from a girl who spent most of highschool watching sports and wearing jeans and t-shirts, but I've discovered a new fashionable side to myself since college and marriage. Who knew?:)

6. I totally adore my bed! Jason spoiled me by getting a California King pillowtop, and I can't live without it! The only downside is that it's completely ruined me when sleeping at hotels and other places. Nothing else can compare!

Okay, so now it's your turn. If you've been tagged, GO!:)

Some Cute Pictures

Here's some cute pictures of my kids. Most were taken looking at the witches at Gardner Village, which was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed watching my kids run around and point out each witch they found. Savannah especially liked sitting next to the one on the bench. Mary was nervous, and she wanted to show her there was nothing to be afraid of. Isaiah liked all the pumpkins the best! The other one was taken at The Mayan restaurant. I've never seen them so excited to eat food! (I suppose it could have something to do with the waterfalls and cliff divers...:) I get excited to eat there, too.:)

My First Blog!

Hey Everybody!

After being told by at least half a dozen people that I need to start blogging, I decided to finally give it a go. I guess it IS a good way to stay in touch with everyone and let you all know what's going on. I'll try to get this all figured out and post some pictures and things. Wish me luck!